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January 2015

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If you love clicking then click this. January has non-missable content like this wierd sculpture, this expensive Cobra and a 16 man surfboard. Too prove we were mental back then, an offer that you missed. PLUS.....little buttons of social media.

Feb 2015

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The future is carbon fibre and you can see the future here in this newsletter on a Rolls Royce dashboard. Also an artist does a thing and 'This Month in Fibreglass' has penguins, anti-terrorist seizures of fibreglass and King Tuts broken beard epoxy incident. Also expired offers, for old times sake.

March 2015

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The "Mixed Bag" newsletter from March will delight you with a Bloodhound report, a highly expensive Audi bicycle made of, you guessed it, carbon fibre! 'This Month in Fibreglass' has the funeral of the Kyloe Cow (cries) and a Pete Docherty on a cross (confused). Don't forget to see that special offer, you're too late.

April 2015

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Read this and discover the latest news on the Bloodhound project, some surfers winning awards for falling off and BIONIC ANTS! Remember the good old days? A reminder of expired special offers.

May 2015

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This newsletter features the Airbus' composite helicopter the catchily titled H160 and Koenigseggs' carbon fibre wheels. 'This Month in Fibreglass' brings you essential facts about rotting cars in Dubai, a Thunderbird 4 replica on the Thames and a selfie stick. PLUS.... Offers that have expired!

June 2015

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What more could you ask for...This Month in Fibreglass has epoxy bonded yummy cheese snacks, plus more web weirdness. The latest bloodhound SSC news and a look at our new website which is now not so new. Offers! Offers! Offers! (for reminiscence purposes only).

July 2015

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Try this for size! It's carbon month (isn't every month?) which includes carbon fibre wheels and a carbon fibre electric car. This Month in Fibreglass has an article on Atelier Van Lieshout, which at least means we now have an excuse to say "Rectum Bar!", if only we new about it sooner. Like that Months Offer? Keep waiting, it may come back when you least expect it.

August 2015

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Sky rockets in flight and fibreglass delights! We got you NASA robots, a guy called Fukahori and his resin goldfish. Also check out Patricia Piccinini's cute little scooters, they are so adorable, oh yes they are!!

September 2015

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This is a killer edition and sees us trying to kill off our retired staff with a racing weekend, kayackers up close with killer whales and, um, cars to die for? Also a totally bananas offer on power tools (sorry, bananas are now discontinued).

October 2015

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There's exciting news from McLaren, a history lesson from Lamborghini and a step into the future with the Cambridge University Eco Racing team. Plus a bonus video...

Also in this month's fibreglass update: a natural fibre composite guitar; a new Breitling; a funny looking bike; and a focus on Meade Gougeon of West System Epoxy.


Don't cry for me bargain sealers, too late!

November 2015

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Try our articles on the terror of abandoned fibreglass, the horror of robot motorcyling and the pure dread of peanut butter epoxy.

And...A generous polish offer all the way from Warsaw.(Its over now though)

December 2015

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Remember December 2015? We all went Star Wars crazy and we have an article on Stormtroopers to prove it, plus we gave away an iPad but not an iWash or an iPatch.

And...A belting deal on a sander, but that was then.